What do calla lilies look like

This one keeps its leaves and looks so beautiful, most people have to touch it to see if it is real, even when it is not blooming.

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The rhizomes are long and oval, with a larger end that is placed up when it is planted. These are strong and said to be hardy to zone seven. They need lots of water. If you have the colorful, deciduous, slightly smaller Calla Lily described first, this is where many gardeners give up. That's because keeping a dormant plant can feel like a total waste of time. You are sitting with a pot of dirt that seems to have absolutely no use whatsoever other than to take up space and occasionally fall over and spill its contents.

Anyone you live with will think you can't admit you have a brown thumb. The dog will knock it over and play with it. At our house, the nanny considered all dormant potted plants utterly worthless.


One weekend she did us the "favor" of throwing out a potted Amaryllis bulb; I rescued it just in time from the rubbish, but not before we argued as to whether there was anything actually growing in that pot of bone dry dirt under the pantry cabinets. A few months later, of course, there were green stems sprouting from the dry dirt. She was amazed.

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But that's what happens. Advertisement A dormant potted plant, whether deciduous Calla Lily or Amaryllis, is not a pretty sight.

How To Grow Calla Lillies

Keep your pot in the coolest spot in the house that you can find without "Freezing", and you have the perfect winter location for your Calla Lily. Check it every so often for signs of life. Water it so that it does not completely dry out, once every two weeks or so. Now, your Calla Lily plant will go dormant sooner or later. If it seems to be slowing down in the next few weeks, to try watering and fertilizing it through the summer. If you live in the Northeast, or somewhere that snow falls and it gets cold enough to skate on the local pond, you should keep it in the same pot all summer and make sure you water it faithfully.

So don't feel that you have to induce dormancy. It will tell You when it's time for a rest. Advertisement Take care of your growing Calla until the end of the summer or at least until the leaves begin to yellow and wither. Slow down on the watering without letting it dry out completely and see if all the leaves fall off. And if it appears that you've killed it, keep the pot slightly moist and cool through the holiday season and don't forget to water it. Remember, it's the dormancy period where most gardeners throw in the towel. Growing Calla Lilies need rich soil, bright light and moisture.

Some people think Callas are good plants for beginners because it is so hard to over water them, a common and fatal beginner's habit for other plants and very helpful if you are growing a Calla Lily. Drying these out while they're growing makes them go dormant. Drying them out totally while they are dormant will turn them into good additions to your compost pile.

To plant in spring, be sure all danger of frost is past. Be sure your spot has good drainage and enrich with compost, organic fertilizer and some bone meal.

So what have these flowers come to represent?

Plant bulbs they look like a ginger root or gladiolus bulb so that the pointed eyes or growing points face up and the top of the bulb is about 2 inches below the soil level. Water well and water as needed to keep soil moist as the plant gets established. Once blooming is finished for the season, leave the leaves intact. They will continue to feed the bulbs until they yellow.

If you live in zones , your callas will rest for several months before beginning another season. Plant as above, keeping in mind, that you can get a jump start on blooms by starting them indoors.

In colors of golden yellow, rich orange and smoky red, they look like a sunset on a sum Well named, Calla Lily 'Picasso' is an unusual cultivar that offers a bi-colored flower. Opening with a creamy flower, it gradually reveals its purple heart. Space bulbs 6 inches apart in the hole. Wait until the soil warms to 60F in cool summer areas before planting.

In warm areas, plant after danger of frost has passed. Spring planted bulbs will bloom mid to late summer. Bulbs overwintered in the soil bloom in early summer. Grow calla lily bulbs in containers after all danger of frost has passed in a pot filled with a moistened potting soil. Keep the container protected from cool spring weather. Growing Tips Grow calla lily bulbs in well-drained soil, especially in spring, to grow best and to avoid bulb rot.

In the ground or containers apply a monthly dose of an organic fertilizer during the growing season. Keep container bulbs well watered for best growth. Harvest flowers in the cutting garden as they color up and open for indoor arrangements. Deer, rabbits and other animals seem to avoid calla lilies and the bulbs have few insect pests other than slugs and snails in shady spots.

Plant Care Once calla lilies have stopped flowering and the foliage begins to die back in fall, dig up and store the bulbs in cold climates.