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RM71: Illinois Rules On Sex Offenders Unconstitutional

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Mattoon, IL Registered Sex Offenders

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More Articles If and when any of this information changes you are required to report those changes within 3 days. Sex offenders are also required to provide a DNA sample to the law enforcement agency they initially register with. Registered sex offenders in Illinois are forced to live under many restrictions and limitations.

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  8. These restrictions can make it difficult to rent or buy a home, visit a school or park, and even use social media. As a registered sex offender, you are prohibited from going within feet of a school or school property, public park, or day-care center.

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    There are very limited exceptions to this rule in regard to schools. You may be able to attend a school conference for your child if you receive permission from the superintendent or school board. Sex offenders in Illinois are prohibited from using any social networking or social media sites while they are on probation, parole, or under supervised released.

    This includes popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You are required to report any changes in your life that are relevant to your registration as a sex offender within 3 days. This includes changes to your address, place of employment, and social media aliases. You are not prohibited from living with a child, but must report that you live with a child under the age of The answer depends on whether you are classified as a sex offender, sexual predator, or sexually violent.

    Sex offenders are required to register in person with the state every year for 10 years following their conviction or court-imposed sentence. Sexual predators must register in person with the state every year for the duration of their lives.

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    If a sex offender is classified as sexually dangerous or sexually violent they will be required to register every 90 days for the rest of their lives. The current sex offender registry laws in Illinois are vague. In fact, they are so vague that they have been the subject of Constitutional challenges. Sex offenders, tired of not knowing exactly what the rules require of them, have filed a lawsuit asking the state to reconsider its sex offender rules.

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    They claim that the rules provide no clear guidance and have been interpreted to keep them out of church and away from their families. The courts could decide that the rules are too vague and require the state to reconsider the regulations that are currently in place.

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    Have you been ordered by an Illinois court to register as a sex offender? If so, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney. As a former prosecutor, Gus Kostopoulos knows the steps you will be required to take as a sex offender and can help to make sure that you follow the rules. Contact his Chicago or Dupage County office today to schedule a free consultation.

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