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Property Taxes are due and payable on the following dates: February 1st — May 1st — August 1st — November 1st.

If your mortgage company escrows for taxes a copy of the tax bill will be sent to them, with a copy being sent to the homeowner. If you are a permanent resident of Stone Harbor, please inquire as to your eligibility for any tax deductions. Please notify the Tax Collector in writing if you have a change in mailing address. - NJ Transparency Center | Property Tax

A bill is not necessary to make a payment. The Tax Office will be glad to give the owner the amount due over the phone.

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However, we ask that the block, lot and qualifier if any be placed on the check. When making tax payments, all checks must be made payable to: Borough of Stone Harbor. Eligibility - Disabled Person. In order to qualify for a property tax deduction, a disabled person must meet all of the following requirements.

Paying Your Taxes

Eligibility - Surviving Spouse. Is not remarried.

Is, in fact, the surviving spouse of a person who was receiving the property tax deduction as either a senior citizen or disabled person on the same property for which claim is being made. Veterans and Widows of Veterans.

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By provision of the State Constitution, a tax deduction is granted from the taxes levied on the real property owned by: qualified war veterans; their surviving spouses; and the surviving spouses of service persons who have served in time of war and who died on active duty. The tax deduction granted to veterans and their surviving spouses is in addition to all other tax deductions or exemptions, for which the person may be eligible.


At the discretion of the claimant, the tax deduction may be apportioned among properties located in different taxing districts. In order to qualify for a tax deduction, a veteran must apply for the deduction and must meet all of the following requirements as of October 1 of the pretax year.

Tax Deduction Information For New Jersey Residents

Welcome to the official website of the New Jersey County Tax Boards Association The purpose of our Association is to foster fair and equitable tax assessment practices in accordance with the Constitution of the State of New Jersey. Contact Information. Riccio co. Kroggenkamp co.