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Academy Blog. Tracking Code. Track prospects Last updated: October 28, Prospects are visitors to your site that have not yet converted on a form.

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The prospects tool uses the HubSpot tracking code to detect th e IP address for each page view. It then surfaces publicly available information about the associated company so you can learn more about the visitors to your site.

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In the upper right, click the Actions dropdown menu, then select View tracking code. Add the code to your site. Manage prospects Once the tracking code is added, prospects will appear in the prospects tool as they visit your site. To segment your prospects, create filters or use the search bar to search for prospects by keywords, such as state or country. To hide a prospect, select the check box next to the prospect, then click Hide. Hidden prospects will not appear in the daily email.

To favorite a prospect, click the star icon favorite next to the prospect. To customize the columns in the prospects tool, in the upper right, click the Actions dropdown menu, then select Edit columns.

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In the dialog box, select the checkboxes next to the properties you want to include in your prospects tool, then click Save. To see additional details about a prospect, click the company name. To create a record for this company, click Add a company. To open the company's website in another tab, in the Domain field, click the external link icon externalLink. To see similar companies in the industry, scroll to the Related companies section.

IP Geolocation Tracking

Click a company name to access the company's website. Set up prospects notifications With the prospects tool, you and your team members can receive notifications related to website visit activity. There are two types of notifications for prospects: Daily email: receive a daily summary of the companies in this view that visited your site.

Revisit notifications: get a notification when a company in this view visits your site. Click Prospects. Access highly detailed demographics at individual visitor level: Drill-down Geo-IP location data per visitor Study traffic from any location, at local, regional, state, or national level What is included?

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