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Gondolas have a higher transport capacity than buses, but less than equal to trams trams run more frequently than buses. Overhead lines of streetcars are expensive, but the vehicles of tramways have a longer lifespan than buses. Gondolas can be used as feeder lines to make territory at suburban areas , but they are rather an unprofitable transport at outskirts of settlements with sporadic density of buildings..

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Sometimes the people get access to public life only by a ropeway line. Excessive traffic peaks students in the morning, rush hour, major events can be problematic in urban cable cars, they could be lowered with flexible working hours in the factories and differentiated lessons start at schools. Reversible Ropeways. Double-decker gondolas are conceivable in the inner city. Innovative is the upwardly open double-deck cabin , the upper floor is an open panorama deck and can be achieved from the lower deck on a spiral staircase if the weather permits it.

Each floor 30 passengers can be transported. Traction of reversal ropeways is provided via a in the front and rear of the cabin fixed haulage rope. Combined passenger and cargo transportation sytem. Urban ropeways could be realised as an intra-urban combined passenger and cargo transportation system, with.

At combined passenger and cargo transport cabins single-deck or double-deck you find folding seats and holding loops for passengers and hanging devices most commonly a one-rail system for cargo. Looking to the future. Caricature from Dusan, Toronto Star January 23rd , found at Steven Dale's fascinating website "The gondola project" about urban ropeways.

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Please check the site again to get actual information. Your feedback to us via mail compliments, criticism, help, opinions, corrections, suggestions, informations about bad links , better translations, Direkt zum Seiteninhalt. L ifts for barrier-free access destination stops , accessibility With electric direct drive of the extra rail wheels within the stations linear motor drive With heating brake power and Air-Condition supercapacitors linear motor drive Direction and opposite direction, with separate but connectable drives.

Increases reliability, for facilitating rescues safety I n narrow roads hanging on fixed rails. Reversible Ropeways Double-decker gondolas are conceivable in the inner city. Mat R.

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Roundhouse Gondola - River Run Plaza

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