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Believed to have been born circa May Any information greatly appreciated.

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Her parent s were on the Trail of Tears—possibly with her. Had grandfather by the same named. Any help is greatly appreciated. Brothers John, Bill, and Clyde Simmons. Also a remembered name: auntie Orie Cloud. Any information on these name would be greatly appreciated. I believe her maiden name was Hannah Ball or Hannah Baugh. If anyone knows I sure would appreciate if they would e-mail with the details.

I am trying to find out if this is indeed true. He left Tennessee and moved to Arkansas where he married Edna Burns. Please Help!? I have been told that one of them was of Cherokee decent. Any information that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. According to the flow charts in the Lowry family tree George is an uncle and I would like to get as much info on the entire line as possible. Whitecotton who married Benjamin B.

Bruton Nov 8, in Christian Co Missouri. Family legend says she was a full blood Cherokee, and that she had been in a Baptist orphanange in the s possibly adopted by Whitecottons? I have not found any Whitecottons in christian Co or surrounding counties in MO, so this is a baffling mystery. Linda Richards Query: I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather who was full blooded Cherokee. He married Susanana Robinson who was born in Alabama. Judy Hartman Query: I am trying to find information on my husbands ggmother. The family says she was Cherokee.

Her name was Mary Bell Snow. I do have a copy of her marriage license application. On there it says her parents were Jack and Annie Snow. One of their sons was accidentally shot by the father on a hunting trip.

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From what the family says Mary Bell lost her mind when that happened and had amnesia. John found her in West Virginia working as a waitress. Eventually her memory returned. Please if anyone has any information I will be happy to share what I have. Evelyn Perkins Query: I am searching information on my great-great-great grandparents on both sides of the family. I have little information. I am looking for Cherokee and Choctaw connection. Shelby Pritchett Query: I am looking for Cherokee Indian ancestry in my family I dont know which family member is the link?

I know that most of my relatives were from Oklahoma. She was born in North Carolina on July 12, Her father was Jack her mother was Silivia Wickham. I have been trying to trace this information back, to find out my Native American Hieratage. I would like some help. Nicholas Gibson in W VA. She may be on the Indian Reservation. Her birth date is April 8, and born in Iowa City, Iowa. Any information you may be able to give me would be appreciated.

Pam Query: I am seeking info. Said to be of Cherokee Ancestry. Polly was born approx. Polly married William Hogue also born approx. Several of their children were born around Mena, AR. Lois Query: Trying to trace my grandmother who was full Cherokee. She had relatives named Millie Booth, and Sallie Winston. What tribe may they have been connected to tso that I ma also register for that tribe.

Died on May 2, in Nowata OK.

Married Hattie A. Thompson on Nov. Any information will be welcomed. Verena Morris Query: I have been told that my gggrandmother was full blooded Indian. We were told that her family came from Oklahoma to Iron County, Missouri. We located her marriage record but we ne to find if she is really Indian and what tribe she would be. Can you help? Greenway b. Both buried in Stone County, Ark. Does anyone know their origin? Pat Ford Query: I have been told that my grandson is part Cherokee.

I am trying to locate the family history so that I can share it with my grandson. Can you please help me. Megwetch, Rowe Posted: December Timothy Wilkins Query: I am seeking the roots of my Cherokee ancestors. They then moved on to Tyler, Texas region. Mary Davis Wingfield, his wife. Anyone familiar with these folks? Other names are Martin, Bell, And Cloud.

She was a full-blooded Cherokee Princess. The story goes that she lived on the reservation, got pregnant by a white man, and the tribe disowned her. In those days it was not proper to speak of people like her, so I know very little. I think that she lived in Kentucky, but I am not exactly sure.

All of my family now lives in West Virginia. Morris Busby D. Robert died His social security number was Robert often said that his mother was full Cherokee. Her name was Josephine Rhodes. Josephine was born in Mississippi and she married Fred Morris, also born in Mississippi. This is all of the information I have. My wife and I would like to know if Josephine was of Cherokee Heritage.

Her mother: Bertha Eleanor Hinson.

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Erlane was born in Indianapolis, Ind. I am told she is decendant of the Hiwasse River Cherokee, whatever that means. Any info available on this. Bryant Clark Query: I understand if you are not able to help, that is okay. A lot of people including myself has done a lot of research on this person whom I am about to name.

I would be grateful if I could get information on a John Ross. I am to understand that I am related to him in some matter. If you could supply any of the above information, that would be wonderful. If you are not able to provide the information, that also would be wonderful. I understand it is not easy. Thank you for your time, and hope to hear from you soon. In the census she was living in Finley Township, Douglas Co.

Lucinda was age 45 in , family tradition is that she had Native American blood and I found on the Goodman site that many Goodmans are Cherokee. If you have any information, I would be very appreciative. Jim Bullard Query: I am trying to find my great, great, great grandfather. I am tracing my Cherokee roots. His name was Frank Rogers.

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His Cherokee name was Running Deer. My uncle had the info on him from the B.

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  6. So I know his name is on the Dawes rolls I am trying to get info as to submit a request for a card from the B. Any help would be very much appreciated. If you need any more info please e-mail me. Lived in Missouri for a while. Her name would have been Josephene Bly Blyth, or Blythe. She married a man by the name of Birdsong. Can anyone help me? He was born Jan. He was possibly adopted and lived on a reservation in Oklahoma. A white man came to the reservation and recruited him and other young boys to go to Kansas City KS to work at his auto body shop, Griffin WheelWorks.

    He married Cora Firth and had 3 children. I am looking for the grandchildren of Everett and Roy. Also others with surname of Nugent living in California. I want to learn more about my Great-Grandfather who was Indian, but was possibly ashamed and said very little about it, except to his children. Sam Case died in of tuberculosis.

    Her fathers name was Archie Black. She married Zachary Taylor McCary in I would appreciate any info on this family. If you can help we would really appreciate it. I appreciate any help anyone can give me on this. I am especially interested in knowing if there is any Cherokee in our family. Jill Woods Akin Query: I understood from my deceased paternal-grandmother Ruth Washbourne Woods that my great-grandfather played some part in the Cherokee history.

    I would like any information avail. Mary Bastek Query: I am looking for information on my great gradmother and have found nothing.

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    I have her birthday but not death. She had no ss. Can some one give me a hint on where I can go from this information. My family has no proof of such an occurance because of unrecorded marriage and birth certificates for my ancestor. My great-great-great grandmother was moved on the Trail of Tears, she escaped through Tennessee and Kentucky to meet a man with the last name of Robinson in Ohio.

    If anyone has information on this please contact me. Angela Allen Query: I would like to know my families Indian history, if possible. If there is anymore info that you need feel free to contact me. Here are the names: Patsy Monroe — born in Natchez, Ms. Natchez, Ms. My grandfather Roy Carl Chrisman is said to be half Indian. If you have any information please contact me.

    This is my grandfathers last name. He passed away in Any help would greatly be appreciated. Mary A Brown Query: I am trying to trace my family tree. Would love to find anything on my great grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother was born in Clairfield Tazewell Tennessee.

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    She married Thomas Mikel Lewis. Does anyone have any information on them. My grandmother told me that her mother was a full blooded Cherokee. And found a Mary B. Huddleston who was 12 years at the time. Her mother was Emley Huddleston and her father was Diker Huddleston. Huddleston, sister Melvina Huddleston, brother General S. I believe this is the right Mary Bell Huddleston.

    She married James Franklin Sawyers. Does anyone have any information on her and about her being a Cherokee. And if I have the right Mary B. She had a daughter Alice who was my grandmother. They are in the Pickens Co. GA census of with a 2 yr old daughter named Dellia.

    I lost them from there. Fairview Songer. Friendship Friends. West of Galena on River Rd. Hill Crest. Hosey Hill. Lone Elm.

    Randy Newman - A wedding in Cherokee County

    East of NE th St. Lowell, Ks. New Pleasantview Baptist. Old Pleasant View. East of Baxter Springs West of 80th St. South of Star Road. Pleasantview Shiloh. It is recommended that you confirm the price and address by calling the vital records office before you place your order. The only birth and death records available before are those contained in records donated by a Doctor.


    They cover the period from to If you wish to inquire about a birth or death during this period, send as much information as you can. They will bill you if your record is found. Clerk of the District Court P. Box Atchison KS Marriage records are available from to the present.